Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel


Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel

Laura & Carl

High school sweethearts, Laura and Carl dated for 12 years before getting married. When you date for that long, it’s hard to surprise your friends and family with news of an engagement, which is why this engagement party was actually a surprise wedding!

It was a difficult task, but Laura and Carl pulled off not telling anyone other than us, and those involved with the planning; not even their parents were aware that they were going to witness their children married on that day. A special shout out to Fleur de Lis the mastermind behind this surprise event.

You’ll see that at this celebration everybody toasted with Jager Bombs instead of champagne because of a fond family story where Laura’s family was on vacation and her Dad tried a Jager Bomb for the first time. After trying it the first time, he ordered more and more, thinking that it was really tasty and not very alcoholic, only to realize later that he was drinking only Redbull and had not been dropping in the jager.

Though not having any wedding day speeches prepared, Carl’s dad was able to give some elegant wisdom to the couple which was to always “remember the F word”: Friends, Fun, Forgiveness and Finance; the key to a successful marriage.

Check out their full highlight video below!